Ways To Contribute


Ways to become "A TAOP Angel"

  1. Contact us w/ interest
  2. Contact us if you are aware of a TAO Candidate in Need.

  3. Donate Directly to CashApp: $AngelOp20

  4. Donate can foods/ non-perishables

1. Contact Us W/ Interest

Out of respect for individual's privacy and simply b/c this project is dedicated to serving, the method of contact will be acknowledged only if you desire so. Contact 252-455-7599 with inquiries. 

3. Donate Directly to the CashApp Tag

If you're the tech-savvy type this is for you! Whether its $1.00 or $100.00 It all benefits the cause at hand here. Simply enter  "$AngelOp20" in the search tab to access the PROJECT'S BUSINESS CASH APP. Or click this link: cash.app/$AngelOp20. Donor will be distributed electronic receipt after completion of donation.

2. Contact Us if you are aware of a TAOP Candidate in need.

If you are aware of an individual in need that may be too bashful, timid, or emotional-cognitive to ask for help - let us know. We're here to love and make completely gentle approaches... we don't need identity to do so. 

4. Donate Non-perishables

Contact 252-455-7599 w/ inquiries